Инструкция для терморегулятора THC2000.



Схема подключения терморегулятора THC-2000

1234 это клеммы термо датчика и датчика влажности. Подключайте по цветам провода.
1 зеленый
2 красный
3 синий
4 желтый
6 и 5 подключаем нагревательный элемент
8 и 5 подключаем увлажнитель
7.9 и 10 ставим перемычки как на рисунке
5 и 10 это напряжение 220V (220 вольт)

Это оригинальная инструкция к терморегулятора для инкубатора, THC2000 (купить можно ЗДЕСЬ) . Инструкция даётся к терморегуляторам поставляемым в USA, а для покупаемых терморегуляторов на внутри китайском рынке, инструкция соответственно китайская.Поэтому эту инструкцию переводите и пользуйтесь:

Precision temperature and humidity controller



(User manual)



THC series of temperature and humidity controller is widely used in the environmental temperature and humidity system, such as the power switch cabinet, network cabinets, control room, greenhouse and constant temperature and humidity control occasions. With the heater ( or fan), dehumidifier and the corresponding load, can effectively adjust the system of temperature and humidity, the temperature and humidity control system in a preset range.


l          main technical characteristics

1.          Working environment: — 50 to 70 DEG C; 0%RH-95%RH

2.          Power supply : AC / DC85 ~ 240V; 50, 60Hz ( universal power supply)

3.          Standby power consumption : < 2W

4.          Temperature control range: ( 25 ~ 99.9) C ; the display resolution of 0.1 degrees, the precision of plus or minus 0.1 DEG C

5.          Humidity control : (10 ~ 99) %RH; 1RH% display resolution, accuracy of 3%RH

6.          Relay contact capacity : AC250V / 10A ( passive, two pairs )

7.          Insulation resistance: = 500M ohm

8.          Voltage: 2KV 50Hz 1min, no breakdown and flashover phenomenon

9.          Anti vibration: ( 10-5-10) Hz, 2G, 3min vibration after work


l          Temperature load start / exit condition

Heating mode

Heater start conditions : temperature display < lower temperature setpoint

Heater exit condition : temperature display value is more than the upper limit temperature setting value

Cooling mode

Fan start conditions: temperature display > upper temperature setting value

Fan exit condition : temperature display value < lower temperature setpoint


l          Humidity load start / exit condition

Humidification mode

Humidifier priming conditions: humidity display < lower humidity setting

Humidifier exit criteria : humidity value is more than limit humidity setting

Dehumidifying mode

Dehumidifier priming conditions: humidity display > limit humidity setting

Dehumidifier exit criteria : humidity value < lower humidity setting


l          Working mode and the temperature and humidity parameter setting process steps

1.           device on electric luminous display system for detecting picture «88888», a second into the display field values of temperature and humidity

2.          press SET display heating / cooling mode screen, the «JJC» model of heating.» — C » cooling mode

3.          press SET display humidifying / dehumidifying mode screen, the «JJH» humidification mode» — H» dehumidifying mode

4.          press SET appear lower temperature setting screen displays «T20», a range of — 25 to 99

5.          press SET appear upper temperature setting screen displays «T25», a range of — 25 to 99

6.          press SET temperature alarm threshold setting screen displays «AC2», 1-9

7.          press SET appear lower humidity setting screen displays «H55», 10-99

8.          press SET appear limit humidity setting screen displays «H65», 10-99

9.          press SET appear humidity alarm threshold setting screen displays «AH2», 1-9

10.        press SET appear humidity correction setup screen shows «100» range 080-120

11.        press SET above save settings and to monitor state


l          The factory parameters and fault code

Factory default parameters

1.          temperature mode heating mode «JJC»

2.          humidity mode humidification mode «JJH»

3.          temperature lower limit of 20 degrees «T20»

4.          temperature upper limit value of 25 degrees «T25»

5.          temperature alarm threshold of 2 degrees «AC2»

6.          humidity upper limit value of 65% «H65»

7.          humidity limit, 55%RH «H55»

8.          humidity alarm threshold 2%RH «AH2»

9.          humidity correction factor of 1 «100»

Fault code

1.          temperature probe open : Show «- -.»

2.          humidity probe is open : the show «- -»

3.          the temperature measurement gauge : display the » E1 / E2″


Parameter settings : when the set temperature and humidity do not accord with logic and set out, such as a temperature lower than the temperature limit, humidity limit> humidity limit instrument will automatically restore to factory default parameters. Set temperature and humidity parameters, according to the key ▲:data is incremented, press  key▼: data decrement.

Application example: if users need heating and humidifying function, temperature control in 25 ~ 30, humidity control in 60 ~ 65%RH :

Equipment power followed by the SET key to setting: the temperature model for the «JJC»; humidity working mode is «JJH» ; temperature lower limit is set to «T25», the temperature limit is set to «T30 «; humidity limit is set to «h60 «; humidity upper limit is set to «H65 «.

Humidity correction : This is the main function of humidity sensor error correction set, recommend the use of instruments with standard before Moisture proofing, so that the humidity measurement accuracy close to the standard value. Correction coefficient is 0.8 ~ 1.2 ( instrument display 080 ~ 120).Formula : the current humidity x correction coefficient. As the current display humidity to 50%RH, if the coefficient change 080, then repaired Is displayed after the humidity is: 50 * 0.8 = 40%RH; if the coefficient change 120, modify the displayed after the humidity is: 50 * 1.2 = 60%RH.

Reminder : enter an arbitrary parameter setting screen, if the user has operated for more than 15 seconds, the meter will automatically exit the setting screen parameters do not save.


l          Mounting structure schematic drawing hole size ( mm2) : 45 + 0.5 x 45 + 0.5

Tip: the instrument from the front panel of the cabinet body is pushed into the hole, and then into the mounting bracket until the locking.


l          Electrical characteristics

Tip: Terminal 6, 7 for controlling the temperature of the load switch

Terminals 8, 9 for controlling the humidity load switch

Terminals 5, 10 connected with the working power supply

Terminal 1-4 sensor


l          Electrical connection diagram

Tip: load power over the instrument output power

Requires external AC contactor auxiliary use

For details please call for wiring diagram




l          Matching load

We recommend using : AC85 ~ 240V 50 ~ 60Hz

Temperature load power ( MAX) : < 1000W ; humidity load power ( MAX) : < 1000W ;

If you need to drive large power load series AC contactor in order to achieve load power expansion.



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